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Swintec SW 20 SW20

Swintec Cash Register

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Battery Operated Cash Register Swintec SW20

Battery Operated Cash Register Swintec SW20


Swintec SW 20 Case

Swintec SW 20 Case


SW-20 A/C Adapter


Swintec Changing the Tax Procedures

SW-20 Simple Tax Change Procedure:

1. Put Register in "Z" Mode (black sliding switch)
2. Press the "RECD ACCT" Key (a "P" should show on the electronic display).
3. Enter 114 on the numbers keypad. Press "TAX SHIFT" Key
4. Enter tax percentage as a 4 digit number on the numbers keypad. (examples: 6% enter 60.00, 5.25% enter 52.50)
5. Press "Tax Shift" Key
6. Enter 10.00 on the numbers keypad. Press "Tax Shift" Key.
7. Enter 10.00 on the numbers keypad again. Press "Tax Shift" Key again.
8. Press the "SUB TOTAL" Key
9. Put the register in "REG 1" or "REG 2" (black sliding switch)
10. Programming now complete.

Repair Sevices for the SW 20 Cash Register

With many years of service, the print head will eventully wear out, causing error codes, inability for the paper to feed or print. We now have a in house repair facility to handle this repair. Call 800-693-3353 after we determine it is the print head, you may return it for repair. You pay shipping both ways, the Print head is $80.00 installed.