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With a two-line display, this cash register allows your customers to see the price and name of each item as it's rung up. The Casio register allows for up to 50 clerks to have their own login and total sales tabulation. This register allows four lines of programmable text for your logo or a quick message. The register tracks up to 30 physical/200 departments and 7000 PLUs assignments to easily organize information about sales and the types of purchases made by customers. This cash register provides a 7-position mode lock with keys to keep your information protected.
30 physical/200 departments, 7000 PLUs
Pop-up two-line rear customer display for customers to watch as items are rung up
50 clerk logins and seven-position mode lock with keys provide you with options and security
Large heavy duty metal cash drawer with 5B/5C cash till to protect your valuables
Features four lines of programmable text on the customer's receipt for a logo or message
Deliver exceptional customer experiences at checkout with this versatile Casio cash register. Featuring a user-friendly keypad and a two-line customer display, this versatile keyboard delivers convenient functionality for your business.