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Samsung CRSER350II

Samsung  CRSER350II

he SAM4s ER-350-II gives the small retailer a competitively priced ECR with easy to read and understand receipts and reports. No other electronic cash register offers alpha-numeric print at SAM4s' remarkably low price. A low cost ECR with full size ECR features. You will appreciate the convenience of price look-ups. PLUs track fast moving items with the assurance of accurate pricing. Accounting is a breeze with daily and period-to-date reports while hourly reporting helps you plan for busy or slow times. Fast 4.5 Lines per Second Print Speed
10 Clerks
3 Tax Tables
300 Preset or Open Price PLUs
8/16 Programmable Departments
Single Station Dot Matrix Printer Accepts 1 or 2-Ply Paper
10 Character Department and PLU Descriptors
26 Character, 5 Line Programmable Receipt Message
Programmable Management Controls
PLU, Department, Hourly Sales, and Period-to-Date Reports